Business Closed

After 20 years of making great & fun transfers, Antique Video Transfer Service is closing its doors to business. Antique Video will remain as a museum for 2” QUAD enthusiasts. I enjoy running my Ampex AVR3 quads. I just replaced all the power supply capacitors with the kind help of Ken Zin and Glenn Gundlach.

Thanks to everyone that have made Antique Video Transfer Service a blast to operate.

Give me a call or drop me an email if you want to transfer your old videotape reels to a DVD. We can recommend people and businesses that can do this for you.

Call (415) 821-7500 or (415) 821-3359

Antique Video Transfer Service
5001 Diamond Hts. Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94131-1621
(415) 821-7500

Quad Tape

This QUAD videotape machine recorded a TV program's picture and sound onto a two inch wide magnetic tape. The Quad VTR existed on it's own for nearly two decades, recording and playing back millions of hours of videotaped television programs both nationally and universally.

The thought of its demise moved me to start a business to salvage the remaining shreds of this bygone technology. Starting in the mid 1970s, 99.9% of previous recorded quad tapes had been transferred to some other analog or digital tape format for future viewing and storage.

The 1/10th of one percent remainder is where Antique Video comes into the picture to provide a way to resurrect those remaining precious televised historical magnetic documents from deteriorating forever in time capsules across the nation.